About InsoGoat

InsoGoat is an independent and practical company, which focuses on research, consultancy and training in The Netherlands, but also abroad. De power of InsoGoat is that consultancy, research questions and knowledge development are based on practical situations.


InsoGoat has unique research facilities in The Netherlands for research with dairy goats and kids. The facilities offer lots of possibilities, like nutritional research in relation to lactational performance and animal health or research to improve fertility. Desires of the customer determine the details of the research. Together we will decide what the possibilities are and at which location the research will be performed. Furthermore, we perform research at our own initiative based on current issues for general interest.

The research is carried out from a practical, but solid point of view, in which reliability and completeness is of high importance. We can also offer all other research aspects, besides setting up and performing the research and collecting all the data, like assisting in formulation of the research question, conducting data analysis and writing the final report.


Independent consultancy is given in The Netherlands, but also abroad. We operate for example in Denmark, Germany and Canada. A specific farm-based plan will be made, which is always custom made. So, the advice can be about a real specific subject, like nutrition, but also about a much broader subject, like daily management or rearing kids.

InsoGoat has some specilisations, including;
Individual feeding. Switching from group feeding to individual feeding is quite a change for the farmer, as well as for the goats. InsoGoat can support this change to make sure that this will go as gradient as possible. On the other hand, when the goats are already fed individual, it could be possible to get more out of it. InsoGoat can also advice in that case, to make sure you make optimal use of the system.
Starting dairy goat farms. There is often a great need for knowledge and experience, during the development of a new dairy goat farm. This development can be support from barn design to financial calculation. In addition, also giving you the possibility to get already more practical experience and knowledge is one of the possibilities.
Fertility. A goat is a seasonal breeder, but it is definitely possible to breed out of season, with use of natural breeding or artificial insemination (AI). In case of AI, the goats will normally be synchronised, which needs to be done accurate and pregnancy rates are variable over farms. We provide assistance in improving pregnancy rates with natural breeding, as well as with AI.


For those who are interested, we give inspiring presentations and training sessions, in which knowledge transfer and practical applicability play a central role. Subjects and further elaboration of the presentation or training will always be determined together. Subjects could be for example rearing kids, animal health, long lactation milking or nutrition.

An interesting program can also be composed for a group to visit several dairy goat farms, combined for example with a presentation. The duration of the program can vary from half a day to several days and exact completion of the program can be discussed.